"Dear ITPEU Brothers and Sisters,
I am very pleased to present the following summary of the ITPEU's Member's Only benefits, provided through the OPEIU International, titled "Reference Guide for Members."  I trust that you will find this online booklet as resourceful as I have.  From restaurant discounts to dental programs, the Union has crafted a Member's Only benefit package, which leaves no doubt that it truly does Pay to Belong! Hopefully, you will take advantage of this benefit package.
In Solidarity,
Dennis R. Arrington
ITPEU President" 
Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight
November 11, 2013, marks Sandy's 30 years of service to the dining facilities at Fort Jackson, SC, and 30 years of membership in the ITPEU. Sandy has been a Shop Steward for many of those years, and has dedicated herself to the cause of labor. L-R: Mary Holmes, Sandy Squirewell, Andora Mitchell, Ruth Brown
Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight
Bill, Dennis, Anthony, and Howards from Randolph AFB
ITPEU food service employees from Alamogordo, NM
ITPEU food service employees from Alamogordo, NM
President Obama with ITPEU members
President Obama with ITPEU members

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The ITPEU is an organization consisting of men and women of every race, religion and ethnic background, all of whom are dedicated to the improvement of their lives and of their families' lifestyles. They achieve those goals by uniting through the ITPEU to gain the strength to negotiate the best possible collective bargaining agreements. It is this unity which allows them to earn a good day's pay and benefits in exchange for their good day's work.

By joining the ITPEU, you will become a member of a Union which represents the largest number of Service Contract Act employees in this country and which, in addition, represents workers in a multitude of occupations in the private sector. You will join a family of workers who are protected by ITPEU contracts throughout the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam.




The Board of Trustees of the ITPEU Annual Benefit Fund is pleased to announce that in addition to the Two Special Benefits Days which were paid on June 26, 2015 for all eligible participants, there will be Two Special Benefit Days paid on November 25, 2015. 

As mentioned in our Spring 2015 edition, The Trustees wanted benefits to reach the maximum number of participants. Therefore, the Trustees have eliminated the Educational Benefit (Scholarship Program) for new applicants. Those who were awarded scholarships prior to October 1, 2014 will be permitted to renew their scholarships.

 The savings from the elimination of the scholarship program will help fund the Two Special Benefits Days. Please note that the Special Benefits Days in June and December 2015 will not necessarily preclude additional Special Benefit Days for 2016.

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